About Us

AME is a truly independent alternative investment specialist, we specialize in true diversification from traditional asset classes and the volatile global market, as well as identifying areas of traditional asset classes where there is significant growth. Our vision is wealth preservation and protection for the future, and the future is happening now. We scour the market looking for the most sustainable, incoming generating assets which show our clients growth in all parts of their portfolio.


History has told us that the most profitable ideas are often simple but also unique.

AME aim to provide the market space with these ‘unique’ opportunities.

An opportunity that is unique does not necessarily have to be complex and most of the time are the polar opposite, and usually the simple things that the world requires.

Most financial instruments these days are heavily complex and involve mathematical algorithms that the majority of us do not understand. Yet these products are the ones that we are told to believe in. If the 2008 collapse made us realize anything it should be that we should keep our investments in things that are a) tangible and b) things that we understand.