About Us

AME is a truly independent alternative investment specialist, we specialize in true diversification from traditional asset classes and the volatile global market, as well as identifying areas of traditional asset classes where there is significant growth. Our vision is wealth preservation and protection for the future, and the future is happening now. We scour the market looking for the most sustainable, incoming generating assets which show our clients growth in all parts of their portfolio.


Independent financial advisers can recommend all types of retail investment products from firms across the market. Restricted advisers may either be restricted in the type of products they offer, or the number of providers they choose from.

The bottom line is that ‘most’ advisors although they say are independent are not actually. Currently the financial services industry is in a place where Banks and large Financial Institutions are looking to diversify their own portfolio’s. The question that the follows naturally is….. Why do they not offer you the same?

Generally speaking financial advisors will only promote the products and services available to them, often more than not, these products are not the most beneficial to you the client from a perspective of yield.

AME scour the market for high yielding, income generating investment opportunities where the investors can maximize their investment through means not normally promoted to them.

AME aims to be completely independent and find products that fit the individual clients needs.