About Us

AME is a truly independent alternative investment specialist, we specialize in true diversification from traditional asset classes and the volatile global market, as well as identifying areas of traditional asset classes where there is significant growth. Our vision is wealth preservation and protection for the future, and the future is happening now. We scour the market looking for the most sustainable, incoming generating assets which show our clients growth in all parts of their portfolio.


DEFINITION of ‘Ethical Investing’

Using one’s ethical principles as the main filter for securities selection. Ethical investing depends on an investor’s views; some may choose to eliminate certain industries entirely (such as gambling, alcohol, or firearms, also known as sin stocks) or to over-allocate to industries that meet the individual’s ethical guidelines.

Ethical investing is sometimes used interchangeably with socially conscious investing, but socially conscious funds typically have one overarching set of guidelines that is used to select the portfolio, whereas ethical investing brings about a more personalized result (Ethical Investing Definition | Investopedia )

In the world we live in today where we are conscious about the environment, global warming, recycling, third world issues, fair trade. Conscious investments are gathering ground through demand.

AME aim to play a part to offering these investments into the market space.