About Us

AME is a truly independent alternative investment specialist, we specialize in true diversification from traditional asset classes and the volatile global market, as well as identifying areas of traditional asset classes where there is significant growth. Our vision is wealth preservation and protection for the future, and the future is happening now. We scour the market looking for the most sustainable, incoming generating assets which show our clients growth in all parts of their portfolio.


Investment “guru’s” like Warren Buffet are always telling us all to diversify, but what does that actually mean?

What does it mean to have a diversified portfolio?

Diversifying your portfolio, or diversification, means to spread your investment money among several different types of investments (stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) in the interest of moderating risk that one investment type will perform poorly.

True diversification should mean keeping your portfolio completely spread, uncorrelated.

Most of the financial products that we are offered are linked in some way to the stock market. Some people make money and some people lose.

AME find those types of products that are recession proof and uncorrelated to the financial markets. Keeping your hard earned money and your children’s inheritance safe.